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DwellStudio was born in 1999 offering a range of bold and colorful modern textiles to a discerning customer base. The company quickly gained a devoted following and established itself as a go-to source for trendsetting print and pattern. From successful retail, catalog, and eCommerce businesses to licensing partnerships, the DwellStudio name is synonymous with adventurous design and impeccable construction.


Now two decades on, DwellStudio continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries aesthetically
and tackling new design challenges each and every season, though it remains one of
the most trusted names in the design market.

  our SERVICES  

Dwell Studio LLC has a diverse domestic and global distribution business across specialty, department store, eCommerce, and global channels. We have a rich brand heritage and an extensive design archive. Dwell Studio LLC is a full-service licensor and provides dedicated design, creative, and brand management services.


Modern & Sophisticated

From mirrors and frames
to storage pieces, candles, and ceramics, DwellStudio's tailored
and sophisticated designs are manufactured in the highest quality.


Pattern & Print

Our signature textiles
come in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose from our
seasonal collections of pillows
and throws or partner with
our in-house design team to
create custom styles to fit your specifications. 


Stationery & Office

Mix and match patterns

from our design library to create a multitude of offerings from

stationery and office organizers to wall organizers and calendars.