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Behind the Design | Treetops Collection

By Grace Hartmann | Feb 25 2014

Refined and whimsical the new Treetops pattern was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century.   The movement focused on craftsmanship, the artist's hand, and design that had been reduced to its essential forms. 
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Behind the Design | Safari Collection

By Grace Hartmann | Feb 24 2014

While contemplating the new Safari pattern our designers looked to primitive art, embroidered textiles, decorative wall hangings and hand drawn illustrations.  They were inspired by to the feeling of heritage and lore found throughout the tapestries, and to the simplicity of the vintage illustrations.
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Behind the Design | The Ram Box

By Grace Hartmann | Jan 20 2014

bChristiane (our fascinating founder and creative director) travels the globe in search of inspiration.  From an atelier in London to a temple in Thailand she goes to look, to study, to discover, to be inspired.

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A retropsective // 2013 pinspiration

By Grace Hartmann | Jan 06 2014


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