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A Summer Photo Shoot by the Numbers

By Grace | Jun 02 2014

  • Take a look behind the scenes at our summer photo shoot.  Our beyond amazing Producer-extrordinaire Sarah gave us some insight into the essentials.  Here is our photo shoot, by numbers:

    300 samples – including pillows, poufs, rugs, torches, chairs, fire pits, chandeliers, tabletop… the list goes on (and on!)
    1 Enormous Tarp - 60' x 40' to be exact! To keep all our boxes from getting rained on/blowing away in extremely windy conditions.
    6 trips to Mary's Marvelous – for delicious coffee & muffins

    ZERO Alec Baldwin sightings.
    1 insane box fort
    56 tacos & 5 orders of guacamole from La Fondita

  • 14 kids – roaming in and out throughout – sometimes snagged for photos.  Who inevitably required:
    1 box of bandaids or 1 first aid kit
    24 juice boxes
    4 bags of cookies

    3 dinner's at LUNCH – lobster rolls!!
    2 hungry seagulls that love leftover fish tacos
    1 dog
    4 beautiful sunsets
    Countless photos of the house on stilts! 
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