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By Grace Hartmann | Nov 21 2013

  • It started with a tweet and became a mission.  On August 1st Christiane sent out a Tweet about the amazing Cronut™ line that she saw growing daily on her way to work. Fashion Designer Peter Som responded, asking if she would bring him one, leading to banter about bartering dresses for Cronuts™ and Cronuts™ as currency. Their back-and-forth caught the attention of Chef Ansel – the award-winning chef and creator of theCronut™, who suggested they collaborate to bring design and Cronuts™ together for charity; a friendship and mission was born.
  • Christiane Lemieux: Lining up for cronuts in the rain. #cronuts @ Dominique Ansel Bakery instagram.com/p/cePZAWxqvB/
    Peter Som: @DwellStudio tell me you're not in line! And if you are can I have one haha @DominiqueAnsel #CRONUT #foodcraziness
    Christiane Lemieux: @Peter_Som @DominiqueAnsel love them. Not in line. I pass it every day because its next to my office and marvel! I will grab you one soon!
    Peter Som: @DwellStudio @DominiqueAnsel I will pay you top dollar! #cronutbribe lol
    Christiane Lemieux: @Peter_Som @DominiqueAnsel trade you for your gorgeous clothes. #cronutbribe
    Peter Som: @DwellStudio @DominiqueAnsel it would be 20 dresses for – cronut based on the demand! #willneverhaveacronutwah
    Christiane Lemieux: @Peter_Som @DominiqueAnsel Arbitrage baby! Watch out #bitcoin we are payhing in #cronuts
    Peter Som: @DwellStudio @DominiqueAnsel #cronut is the new #currency #NomNom
    Dominique Ansel: @Peter_Som @DwellStudio You guys are very cute! I'd be happy to trade Cronuts if we can work on something together for a good cause.

  • We are so excited to be a part of this amazing project, with these amazing people.  

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