Special Nonexistent Furniture

Tools of the Trade - Lyrical Op-Art

By Grace | Jul 26 2013

In this edition of Tools of the Trade our designers were inspired by the juxtaposition of modern art and trompe l’oeil paired with lush upholsteries to create a rich, inviting space.

A nod to the trompe l’oeil movement, this look begins its modern art vibe with our Deco Border Wallpaper and the architectural shape of our Tubular Burst Sculpture. They then contrasted the modern elements with lush velvert fabric on our Wyeth Chair in a rich jewel tone. The Antoine Console finishes the space with it’s classic mix of parchment, French Oak and brass.

Deco Border Wallpaper, Tubular Burst Sculpture, Wyeth Chair - Banks Pool, and Antoine Console.