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Adventurous Design

By Grace | Mar 28 2013

We scour the globe for inspiration for everything from our new collections, to our personal abodes. We love the adventure in finding and cultivating inspiration. Our Galaxy Collection is no exception (not to mention it's 25% off through April 1st!).

While on a trip to Paris, one of our incredible designers saw stars. They were everywhere – in art, on furniture, in books, on posters and in décor. Pulling elements from each she sought to design a pattern that at once invited ideas of space exploration, and gave a nod to the sweet illustrations of children’s books.

We chose to make the Baby Collection a soft grey to keep it gender neutral, and the Kids Collection a dusky blue befitting the bed of a boy of any age. Both colors have a gentle sweetness while maintaining their adventurous and whimsical feel.

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