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Chic + Polished

By Grace | Mar 26 2013

We fall in love with the details. It's the tuft, sabot, nail head, sheen, material, or pleat that makes something a great design. We feel the same way about our interiors, and love creating detailed moments around the home that speak to our design aesthetics and offer inspiration and beauty. Wonder how we create these details?

Accessories - from vases to objets to bowls - we love to accessorize our homes. Add metallic elements to your bookshelf, top a stack of books with a chic vase, create a considered side table with an objet that inspires you or even makes you smile. There are so many ways to incorporate layers of design in to your home - all you need are a few chic accents to get started.

Sea Star Vase - Matte Silver, Tilted Cube Sculpture, Crosshatch Cone Decanter - White, Diamond Cut Globe Vase, Pair of Metal Peacocks.

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