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Spring Awakening - The New Collection

By Grace | Mar 06 2013

Our Spring Collection is here and we are thrilled to share it with all of you! With careful consideration we designed a curated collection for spring. After working for months obsessing over every seam, tuck, color, pleat and more we are completely in love with the results.

As you know, we love to create designs for the home that are unique, special and timeless, yet fresh. Although this approach is best experienced in person (as you know if you have seen our gorgeous flagship store!), we created our e-catalog to give you the best viewer experience possible. We start with our Ten Favorite Decorating Essentials - our must-have list created to inspire your home décor and showcase the breadth of the line. We then continue to introduce classic and trendsetting ideas, how-to’s for creating the chicest room or moment and more. We hope you will be inspired by the collection and new e-catalog.

Explore the new collection here>