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New Setting + New Arrivals at 77 Wooster

By Grace | Mar 01 2013

We love refreshing our homes for spring and have just re-set the floor at 77 Wooster to welcome the new season. We are proudly offering our new furniture collection, bedding and pillows - all created with both current trends and timeless design in mind.

Find your sofa style: the Simone Sofa blends european glamour with uptown chic, and the Wright Sofa is your go-to for clean lines and comfort. Add a Zig Zag or Arden Mist pillow for a splash of spring.

The Astor Sofa looks handsome paired with the coveted Mallory Chair (seen here is uber chic Zebra Geo upholstery).

New pieces are arriving every day so stop by to find your next treasure.