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Bonjour Martine

By Grace | Feb 28 2013

Martine is the newest gem in our coveted furniture collection. Like a swipe of red lipstick or piece of statement jewelry, the Martine Settee is a polished and glamorous moment for the home. The word settee originates from the Old English "setl," referring to any bench with a high back and arms. Today, settee is synonymous with sofa or love-seat - as they are typically designed for two. This amorous sofa dates back centuries and has had many design lives.

We culled inspiration for the Martine Settee from the roaring twenties, classic nineteenth century French design, and just a touch of Mid-Century modern (we can't help our selves!). We started the design with a hand-channeled back, a unique curved shape and gracefully flared arms. The bench seat, popular during Napoleon's reign, is clean and comfortable - as a love-seat should be.

To finish off the design, Martine has slender cone legs, the simplicity of which highlights the rest of her charms. Then we dressed her in rich cotton-velvet, the lofty pile of which highlights the beautiful channeling and subtly catches the light. Martine's heirloom quality and impeccable design adds drama to any room.