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The Barnett

By Grace | Feb 20 2013

Our versatile Barnett Side Table is a DwellStudio favorite for many, many reasons. From the hexagonal shape, to the hidden door, to the Art Deco inspired finishes this table is the accent for any room in the house. The inspiration behind the design started with the hexagon. Seen in designs ranging from Moroccan to Art Deco to Modern, we were drawn to this unusual shape for two reasons: the symmetry lends itself to pairing for a pulled together look and the six sides offer ample space for storage.

Next we chose French Oak and Parchment finishes with hand-cast solid brass pulls – giving it a distinctly Art Deco feel. The French Oak Side Table has a warmth and luster that accentuates the grain and beauty of the wood. The Parchment Side Table has a refined and extravagant feel. Parchment (aka goat skin) is also known as vellum and predates paper as the writing material of choice in England and France during the Middle Ages.

The final touch to the exterior of our Barnett Side Table is the hand-cast solid brass pull. Designed in an elongated trapezoidal shape, this pull was obsessed over until it was perfect. To fit the Art Deco vision and compliment the French Oak and Parchment we knew solid brass was the only acceptable material.

Lastly, the brilliance of the design is not immediately apparent – it has a hidden door. The entire piece doubles as storage, just pull the brass handle to see the convenient space and shelf.

Now do you see how the design, materials and details make this the perfect table?