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By Grace | Feb 15 2013

Our love of design, history and art inspired our Peacock Duvet Sets. A symbol of immortality, royalty, wealth and rebirth across cultures and throughout the ages the iconic bird is again making a bold statement in fashion and home décor. We love the different interpretations – from the ancient Byzantine mosaics, to the gilded walls of Whistler’s Peacock Room – the peacock continues to inspire artists and designers alike.

Traditionally portrayed with lavish gold leaf and vermillion paint we modernized the peacock motif by paring back the detail and palette, giving the design a nod to its historic roots by hand painting the design (think vintage wall mural). We love the luxe meets modern meets classic twist.

Peacock Dove Duvet Set, Peacock Citrine Duvet Set

What do you think of the peacock in design?