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Weekend Agenda - The World of Leslie + D.D. Tillett

By Patrisha Z | Dec 07 2012

We're excited to venture over to the Museum of the City of New York to see the new exhibit, The World of D.D. and Leslie Tillett. This little known design duo produced some of the most modern and wild fabrics and textiles throughout their career which spanned from the late 1940s till the mid-90s.

(Image via New York Times.)

You're probably familiar with their iconic chrysanthemums print, which resembles whimsically explosive fireworks. Many of their prints were also made into decorative pillows.

Some of the decorator masters of the 50s and 60s like Billy Baldwin and Albert Hadley adored upholstering furniture and designing custom drapes with the Tillett's artful and bright fabrics.

(Image via New York Times.)

This is Jackie Kennedy's bedroom when she was first lady. Her room featured a Tillet print on the curtains.

(Images via Femme et Fleur.)

Jackie also loved to wear the Tillett's garments. Several of their most painterly clothes are on view at the exhibit.

We adore Leslie and D.D. Tillett... So what are your plans this weekend? We would love to know!