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Christiane in Harper's Bazaar Australia!

By Patrisha Z | Nov 30 2012

Christiane spoke to Harper's Bazaar Australia about how she maintains her modern and downtown style at home with kids underfoot. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the article...

On designing the DwellStudio kids collection:

For our kids line, we wanted to explore the graphic icons that kids love but in a way that adults are happy to have in their homes. That means nothing too sweet or predictable, but things that are hip.

On finding inspiration from her kids:

My kids have reinforced the idea that children like using their surroundings as a way to communicate a story. They also keep me up to speed on what type of icons kids like these days. My son wanted to do a dinosaur bedding set, so we did one this season, and my daughter loves unicorns at the moment.

On making her Soho loft kid- and adult-friendly:

Our home was a printing press at some point, so it was conceived of as an industrial space, with high ceilings and open spaces. Design-wise, we wanted to highlight that quality and make the dining, TV and living area one space. It also means kids can scoot and bicycle around, which is great in New York because there isn't a lot of outdoor space like there is in Australia.

On finding kid-friendly home furnishings:

I like to modify pieces a little bit. I found fabrics for my home that were beautiful but really easy to clean, like linen, which I love. But at the end of the day you can do what you can and then I say just really live in it. There's nothing worse than a home where the kids can't go in the living room and the dog can't go on the carpet. A home with a soul, even if there are flaws from family living, feels a lot more special to me than somewhere where everyone is segregated in their own space.

(All images via The Glow.)

Thank you to Haper's Bazaar Australia for a fabulous article!