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and the Modern Thanksgiving Winners are...

By Patrisha Z | Nov 19 2012

Our judges had a lot of fun looking through all your amazing boards, and they all told us how hard it was to choose just one winner. Thank you so much to everyone who entered; we were really impressed with your creativity! So without further ado, here are this year's Modern Thanksgiving winners...

1. Dana Ludvik, picked by Jon of Happy Mundane.

Jon says, "The first image of that cozy sweater really set the tone for this board. There's a nod to traditional elements but totally re-interpreted in a bright modern way. I especially love all the pops of color and graphic motifs. Overall, I think Dana's vision is playful, stylish, warm, and a whole lot of fun- just what I feel a Modern Thanksgiving should be!"

2. Kaitlyn Rawley, picked by Lindsay of MStetson Design.

Lindsay says, "Comfy sweaters and moody landscapes with a beautiful mix of vintage, modern, and handmade touches throughout. Not to mention a vintage Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade homage. Guests Meryl Streep, Julie Andrews, and Gene Kelly really sealed the deal."

2. Julie Kang, picked by Anna of In Honor of Design.

Anna says, "I loved the way her board had an overall theme of fresh, innovative, and modern aesthetic with a warm undertone of colors. Very creative and fun! I even bookmarked some of her finds!"