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Modern Thanksgiving - Meet Jonathan

By Patrisha Z | Nov 12 2012

We're having so much fun looking through all of your Modern Thanksgiving boards on Pinterest! (have you entered yet?) For this year's contest we asked 3 of our favorite bloggers to pick 3 different winners! So this week we're introducing our lovely judges to you. First up is Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane. We love his everyday musings about the design elements that are often right in front of our eyes. We also asked our judges to design their own Modern Thanksgiving boards to give you all a little inspiration. You can see Jonathan's board here > and make sure to check out all of his impecable curations on Pinterest—we're obsessed!

Without further ado... Meet Jonathan!

What’s your 9-to-5?

I'm the Creative Director and founder of J3 Productions, a design/marketing agency... and I'm also editor of Happy Mundane.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in New York, but grew up in Orange County, California.

Where do you live now?

Irvine, CA

What’s your decorating style?

One part graphic/modern, add a dash of mid-century vintage, and filter it all through the playful and relaxed Southern California lifestyle.

Tell us about your Modern Thanksgiving board.

Thanksgiving for me is all about feeling warm and cozy. I was imagining a home filled with rustic charm, but accented with modern pieces. The color palette is a mix of deep prussian blues, rich shades of green glass, rust oranges, and little hits of black and walnut wood tones. Thanksgiving is also all about the food, so I definitely included some yummy recipes!

Any tips for holiday entertaining?

Don't get too stressed out about needing to have everything perfect. The holidays are all about enjoying time with friends and family, so don't be afraid to use a little help! Ask friends and guests to help set the table, or utilizing some pre-made goodies from the store instead of having to make everything from scratch. It's important to stay relaxed so you can enjoy the moment!

What’s your favorite DwellStudio product? How does it fit into your décor plan?

I really love all the decorative accessories that DwellStudio has right now. The Tubular burst objet is such a statement piece and very glamorous and chic. However, it's the new Art Shop that really has my attention. I find that I usually use a piece of artwork as the starting point when I start to decorate a space. I love all the colors in any of the abstract watercolor pieces (peach pink, citrine green, black orange). They would totally be the crown jewel of a room.

How about styling the holiday table? Any good tricks?

I like to keep things simple. The food should be the star, so you don't really need much on the table. A small cluster of votive candles in clear glasses can give just enough of a glow and give the table some sparkle. Also, don't forget about varying the heights of items on a table. Use cake stands or other items underneath plates to not only add visual interest, but maximize table space.

We love this Fall centerpiece by Jonathan that carries from Halloween through Thanksgiving!

Any go-to host gifts?

I usually grab some yummy cookies and goodies from a local bakery. If you don't end up eating them at the party, then it becomes a nice "thank you" treat that the host can enjoy afterwards.

What are the 3 things you cannot live without?

My iphone, yummy food, and music that has a good beat.

Current inspirations:

I'm currently obsessed with a lot of design and craft books from the 1970s. Even though I lived through most of it, I don't think I was old enough to really appreciate what was happening. I'm finding so many of the ideas and concepts that were being explored then stll so relevant to the times we live in today.

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