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On My Bookshelf - Mom, Inc

By Christiane | Jun 28 2012

Awesome moms Cat Seto and Meg Mateo Ilasaco (author of Craft Inc. and Creative Inc.) recently launched Mom, Inc—a design-savvy tome on how to run a business as a mom. Published under Chronicle Books, this guide lays out all the steps of starting a company from concepting to eCommerce to social media outreach to striking the delicate balance between work and life (always a work in progress, for me).

In addition to doling out wisdom from their own experiences—Cat has a beautiful line of stationery and Meg designs stylish home accessories—what sets this book apart is all the real-life examples from moms currently navigating the push-and-pull of growing a business while raising a brood. I'm always in awe of female entrepreneurs who are making it happen, so it was very sweet to be included in the book (thanks ladies!) alongside very smart and chic women like Cynthia Rowley, Amy Atlas, Cortney Novogratz and many more.

Not to mention, I'm loving this adorable video Meg and Cat put together for the book launch. How cool is the stop-motion animation?