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Style/Squared Moms - The Entrepreneurs

By Patrisha Z | May 09 2012

In honor of Mother's Day and our first Pinterest contestStyle/Squaredwe've been celebrating stylish moms we love! Today we honing in on our favorite entrepreneurs!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade is another chic lady at the head of her own company. Kate knows a thing or two about mixing patterns and using bright colors. We adore her playful spirit!

Ariane Goldman

Our friends over at HATCH Collection have a pretty cool mom at the helm of their company—Ariane Goldman. She started her first company Two Birds to solve the age old problem of the disposable bridesmaids dress. Inspiration struck again while Ariane was pregnant—she launched HATCH—a chic line of maternity wear that can be worn whether preggers or not. We love this stylish problem-solving mom!

Tory Burch

She's built an empire based around her signature style, made affordable luxury cool and crafted the gold stardard in social media prowess. We love her entrepreneurial spirit and her effortlessly chic vibe.

Christiane Lemieux

Of course we have to include our own Christiane Lemieux in this list! Christiane founded DwellStudio in 1999 when she saw a gap in the world of modern home furnishings. With a bureau full of vibrant patterns, graphics and abstract re-interpretations of botanicals, Christiane built a business that continues to expand! (Did you know our flagship store opens in June!?).

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