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Every Mother Counts

By Christiane | May 02 2012

On the way to the studio, I dropped by Starbucks to grab a copy of the new Every Mother Counts CD (and coffee, of course!). We've been listening to the awesome tunes all morning—many are exclusive tracks on parenthood from some seriously heavy players like Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright and Eddie Vedder.

The proceeds from the album go towards our friend Christy Turlington Burns' organization—Every Mother Counts—which raises awareness for community-based maternal health programs around the world. You can pick up a copy at Starbucks through December 2012 or find it online.

Image via Every Mother Counts


Christy also launched her No Mother's Day PSA today. Which is her way of honoring the difficult pregnancies and births that many mother's around the world experience. Here at DwellStudio we recognize that we're so lucky to celebrate Mother's Day, so we think Christy's No Mother's Day campaign is a pretty unique way to call attention to the importance of raising awareness and support for maternal health globally. Check out the video...

P.S. Stay tuned to the Studio blog for an exciting new promo and a full Q & A with Christy next week!