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From Our Readers - Salon Wall Tips

By Patrisha Z | Apr 04 2012

Yesterday we asked you for tips on arranging a perfectly Undecorated salon wall on Facebook and Twitter. You—our lovely readers—answered our call with a cascade of comments—thank you! Below are a few of our favorites…

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From Jason: Measure twice, nail once and don’t ever put a frame against the crown molding, corner of walls, etc.. No matter what is going on with interior spacing try to keep all outlying edges aligned for a clean perimeter.

From Ashley: Arrange on the floor first, take a photo, and use the toothpaste trick to hang photos.

From Leslie: Start from the bottom center and add up and out. It’s much easier than trying to lay it all out beforehand.

From @BirchandLily: Use thick (2”) painters tape around the edge of a frame to create the same amount of space between the frames.

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