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How To - Dine Like The French

By Patrisha Z | Mar 26 2012

Ever wondered what those chic little glasses are that every Bistro along the Boulevard Saint-Germain seems to have? (Us too!) We did a little research and discovered that those stylish glasses are produced by French company Duralex. Churning out resilient tempered glassware and tabletop essentials since 1939, Duralex produces a full range of dinnerware products in Central France—La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin to be precise.

The Duralex Picardie is an everyday staple at dinner tables in French households, it's stacked effortlessly in kitchen cupboards and it's the standard cup used in school dining halls from Marseille to Normandy. Its design is so simple, so durable and so versatile that you’ve probably never thought to ask where it came from. But now that you know, you'll notice this distinctly Parisian tumbler everywhere. Next time you’re sipping water, whisky or a café latte from an elegant little glass take a peek at the bottom—we bet you’ll see the Duralex logo. We may just go buy a set right now! Who doesn't want to dine like the French?