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Get The Look - Tradition With A Twist

By Patrisha Z | Mar 22 2012

Our new Spring Catalog is filled with inspiration fuel. Take a deconstructed look at how we mix stately classics like our Chester Sofa with modern materials. Layer hard and soft textiles—a savory floral pillow atop a leather sofa. Pair geometric lines with organic curves—the sculptured grace of the Gazelle Side Table coupled with our go-to Draper Stripe Rug. Reference vintage—the bright brass finish and distressed glass on our Octagonal Mirror. It's this mix-and-match design attitude that adds unexpected charm. Tradition with a Twist is about drawing together eras, textiles and patterns to craft a style that’s modern, classic and livable.
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1 - Octagonal Mirror
2 - Deco Floral Bronze Pillow
3 - Urchin Objet
4 - Chester Leather Sofa
5 - Gazelle Side Table
6 - Draper Stripe Rug
7 - Yates Lamp