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Behind the Design | The Ram Box

By Grace Hartmann | Jan 20 2014

bChristiane (our fascinating founder and creative director) travels the globe in search of inspiration.  From an atelier in London to a temple in Thailand she goes to look, to study, to discover, to be inspired.

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Modern Makeover | Ends Tomorrow!

By Grace Hartmann | Jan 16 2014

While it's impossible to pick a favorite piece of furniture, we've managed to round up a few (quite a few!) of our favorite upholstered pieces.  Our Modern Makeover Event includes 70's glam benches, tailored sofas, and accent chairs to die for.  The best part?

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Ends Tonight | New Year, New Home Sweeps

By Grace Hartmann | Jan 10 2014

The New Year, New Home Sweeps is coming to a close!  Have you entered?  Don't dilly dally, the sweeps closes to night at midnight.
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A retropsective // 2013 pinspiration

By Grace Hartmann | Jan 06 2014


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