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In the details with Lauren Zwanziger

By Patrisha Z | Jan 30 2013

At DwellStudio, we obsess over every detail - from the perfect stitch to the most vibrat color - we believe it's the little things that make our products so special. So when we came across Lauren's beautiful Pinterest board - The Details - which showcases intricate fashion details, we were instantly hooked! We are loving the delightful layers of tulle and lace, delicate appliqué blooms and perfectly pleated fabric.

Who are your favorite pinners? We would LOVE to know!

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Style Icon - Dorothy Draper

By Christiane | Jan 14 2013

Dorothy Draper is absolutely one of the most influential American designers. She is also the muse for many of our current design celebrities. Philippe Stark has riffed off of her Neo-Baroque touches and Kelly Werstler is heavily influenced by her style. We have also paid homage to this great lady and her genius use of stripes with our aptly named Draper Stripe – I have always loved her use of regular stripes as décor.

My favorite Draper space is the floor of the Chrystal Room corridor from the Greenbrier Hotel – a Draper masterpiece.

Love the graphic paint and pops of Kelly Green and Fuchsia here.

Adore the grand lobby of the Quitandinha in Brazil.

Dorothy was modern before all of us. She reinterpreted the classics with bold scale and color. Her interiors were dramatic, cool and not at all what you would expect from a lady who favored a hat with a veil.

All images via Caleton Varney's wonderful book: In the Pink - Dorothy Draper

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New Year's Eve Around the World

By Patrisha Z | Dec 28 2012

What are you doing for New Year's Eve? We love hearing how people around the world celebrate the New Year! Here are a few of the coolest and whackiest New Years traditions from across the globe...

Denmark: the Danes love to leap off chairs at midnight, hoping to ban all bad spirits in the new year. They also celebrating the new year by breaking dishes. People throw their old dishes on their friends’ doors on New Years and the one with the most dishes outside their door, usually has the most friends.

At midnight in Spain everyone consumes 12 grapes and tries to finish all of them by the time the clock stops chiming.

On New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico everyone throes buckets of water out the window to “clean” the old year out. They also clean their homes and decorate them, to symbolize the “cleaning” of the spirit.

In Belarus, unmarried women compete in games of skill to determine who will get married first in the new year. One game involves setting piles of corn and a rooster before each of the single ladies. Whichever pile the bird approaches first, is believed to be the one who is to be married first.

In South America everyone wears brightly colored underpants. Those who wear red, are hoping for love in the new year. Those who chose to wear yellow, are wishing for money.

So how will you celebrate New Year's? We would love to hear on Facebook!

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Modern Thanksgiving - Meet Anna

By Patrisha Z | Nov 14 2012

Today we're talking to our third Modern Thanksgiving judge—the lovely Anna of In Honor of Design. We adore Anna's creative and genuine style. Whether writing about interior design, fall fashions or raising little ones, her vibrant personality always comes through. Read on to learn Anna's holiday styling tricks, her new love of gold accents and her awesome idea for a hostess gift!

Meet Anna...

What’s your 9-to-5?

I am a graphic designer and lifestyle blogger, which is a creative mind’s dream. I get to try a little bit of everything. Styling, branding, event design, etc. I am a mom of two little ones and work from home. It’s a learning process of being able to be present to them and get my work done as well. Its fun to see their personalities grow and their own creative side develop.

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Ohio- the Cincinnati and Columbus area, and started college there as well. After my family moved down south, I followed, and the weather sucks you in and doesn’t let you leave!

Where do you live now?

We live in the north Atlanta area. It’s a beautiful part of Georgia where the mountains are to the north of us, and the city right below us.

What’s your decorating style?

I tend to lean towards modern eclectic design. However, since marrying my husband, I have noticed his classic style influencing me more and more.

Tell us about your Modern Thanksgiving board.

I noticed touches of gold creeping their way into many of the pins. I also love natural touches. Evergreen sprigs, pears, and driftwood. Making your guests feel at home with personal touches, adding a little fun to the environment with holiday drinks and appetizers, and of course enjoying each other’s company. This is the overall theme of the board!

Any tips for holiday entertaining?

I have to confess I have hosted many parties, but never a thanksgiving dinner until this year! It will be my first time hosting. I think its important to make the surroundings come alive. Music, good food and drinks, and even just a little decor can do the trick.

How about styling the holiday table? Any good tricks?

If you have one or two elements that tie everything together you can have a little more freedom to mix colors and textures. I realize I kind of style the table in layers. I always start with an inspiration piece and go from there.

What’s your favorite DwellStudio product? How does it fit into your décor plan?

The gold ribbon vases. That is what I call an inspiration piece to make a whole table set up out of.

What are the 3 things you cannot live without?

Well not counting my husband and children (a given!): Music, Sense of humor, and a GPS.

Any go-to host gifts?

I recently bought a pumpkin bread mix and apple butter combo wrapped up nicely for a hostess gift. It’s a fun alternative to a bottle of vino!

Images courtesy of In Honor of Design.

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