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Loving in Lonny

By Grace | Mar 12 2013

Have you seen the latest Lonny Magazine? Entitled “The Kids Issue,” the always-chic magazine features tips for creating a gorgeous family home in addition to their eye-catching spread of abodes. This month Lonny is teeming with inspiration and new designs (like our Martine Settee). We are particularly obsessed with Editor in Chief Michelle Adams’ sky high apartment. Michelle has created a truly unique and personal home by starting with a cohesive palette and then filling it with treasures from her abundant travels. It is so rare find a home that is so expressive and full of personality while maintaining a sense of calm collection - we are so inspired!

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A Fashionable Home

By Grace | Feb 22 2013

The tents are down and you can finally get a cab near Bryant Park again, but its bittersweet to see New York Fashion Week come to a close. We were enthralled with the collections and spotted a few trends we think will influence home decor in the seasons to come.

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By Grace | Feb 15 2013

Our love of design, history and art inspired our Peacock Duvet Sets. A symbol of immortality, royalty, wealth and rebirth across cultures and throughout the ages the iconic bird is again making a bold statement in fashion and home décor. We love the different interpretations – from the ancient Byzantine mosaics, to the gilded walls of Whistler’s Peacock Room – the peacock continues to inspire artists and designers alike.

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In the details with Lauren Zwanziger

By Patrisha Z | Jan 30 2013

At DwellStudio, we obsess over every detail - from the perfect stitch to the most vibrat color - we believe it's the little things that make our products so special. So when we came across Lauren's beautiful Pinterest board - The Details - which showcases intricate fashion details, we were instantly hooked! We are loving the delightful layers of tulle and lace, delicate appliqué blooms and perfectly pleated fabric.

Who are your favorite pinners? We would LOVE to know!

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