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Christiane's #WorldTour

By Grace | Oct 10 2013

Our chic and fearless leader, Christiane Lemiux, finds inspiration all around her - from a moment of metal work in her Soho neighborhood to the stone work in a faraway...
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RetroSpective at F.I.T.

By Lucy | Jul 25 2013

Whether fashion, interiors, or architecture, design borrows much of its inspiration from the past - updating historical looks to add our own modern flare. We have been itching to go to the gorgeous RetroSpective exhibition at The Museum at FIT...take a look!

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The Perfect Hostess Gifts

By Lucy | Jul 11 2013

Summer is here and so are the much-anticipated visits, vacations and parties! With the warm weather comes a full dance card, so we make sure there’s always a chic selection of hostess gifts on hand at all times. From casual outdoor BBQ's to the most glamorous Gatsby-esque parties, we have something for every occasion.

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Cochin, India

By Lucy | Jun 26 2013

From the rich influences in architecture and charming culture to the little cobble stone streets, friendly people and inviting restaurants, Cochin, India is an inspiring destination. It should definitely be on your bucket list!

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