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The Art of the Mix | Aviary

By Grace | Apr 25 2014

  • The bedroom is all about the bed, so we obsess over our prints and jacquards to create something you'll love for years.  But what good is a duvet with out the perfect sheets?  (we couldn't tell you!)  Our sheets add drama, luxury, elegance and personality - it's all in the mix.  Pair Aviar with Gate Smoke for a blithe take on the 50's decorator bird + trellis.  Or with Modern Border Smoke (or Ink or Citrine!) for a tailored take on the bird.  For the ultimate bohemian luxe look feather the nest with Masala Citrine Sheets - the refined print feels fresh and unexpected.

  • Don't forget to finish the room with timeless foundations.  A versatile side table, striking lamp and upholstered bed are essential - however, just because they are staples doesn't mean they lack style.  Just like your wardrobe, your home deserves quality pieces will effortlessly layer and stand the test of time.
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