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The New Easter Egg Hunt

By Grace Hartmann | Apr 20 2014

  • Eggs by: Benjamin Shine, Zaha Hadid, The Prince's Drawing School & Dain (images via InStyle)
  • Since 2012, Fabergé has hosted an annual hunt featuring striking eggs created by various artists and designers.  This year New York City played host to 206 eggs, designed by the likes of Zaha Hadid, Jeff Koons, Tracey Emin, Bruce Weber, Carolina Herrera, and more.  Earlier in the month the eggs were hidden across all five boroughs.  As of today, (and for those less inclined to hunt) the eggs will be on display in Rockefeller Center through April 25th.  
  • Eggs by: Chris Carnabuci, Faigh Ahmed, Jeff Koons, Bruce Webber (images via InStyle)
  • Read more about the amazing hunt here - or go see them for your self.

    Happy Easter!
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