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The New Bedding Basics

By Grace Hartmann | Feb 19 2014

  • We believe bedding doesn't just make the bed - it makes the room.   The Modern Border Collection is our take on the bedding basic.  Inspired by the chicest hotels around the world, our designers set out to make an elevated basic that was at once classic, refined and tailored.  They chose a bold border in a suite of modern hues that effortlessly mix with our patterned duvets, and look impossibly chic on their own.
  • Modern Border Citrine Duvet Set & Sheet Set
  • Made in the finest mills in Portugal, our Modern Border bedding is 400-thread count pima cotton percale that is combed three times per side, giving it a luxuriously silky feel.
  • Modern Border Smoke Sheet Set, Modern Border Ink Sheet Set,
    Peacock Citrine Duvet Set
  • Layer the shams, sheets or cases into your current bedding, or re-master the bedroom with the complete Modern Border Collection.  Classic Ink and fashionable Citrine Duvet Sets are 50% off through 2/27/14.
  • Modern Border Smoke Duvet Set & Sheet Set
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