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Style Icon - Dorothy Draper

By Christiane | Jan 14 2013

Dorothy Draper is absolutely one of the most influential American designers. She is also the muse for many of our current design celebrities. Philippe Stark has riffed off of her Neo-Baroque touches and Kelly Werstler is heavily influenced by her style. We have also paid homage to this great lady and her genius use of stripes with our aptly named Draper Stripe – I have always loved her use of regular stripes as décor.

My favorite Draper space is the floor of the Chrystal Room corridor from the Greenbrier Hotel – a Draper masterpiece.

Love the graphic paint and pops of Kelly Green and Fuchsia here.

Adore the grand lobby of the Quitandinha in Brazil.

Dorothy was modern before all of us. She reinterpreted the classics with bold scale and color. Her interiors were dramatic, cool and not at all what you would expect from a lady who favored a hat with a veil.

All images via Caleton Varney's wonderful book: In the Pink - Dorothy Draper