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Urban Tag Sale - Meet Matt

By Patrisha Z | Nov 07 2012

Yesterday we introduced you to the lovely Eugenia of Veranda Magazine, and today we're talking with photographer Matt Albiani about his favorite New York restaurants, decorating tips and his book Lifeguard on Duty. We're obsessed with Matt's rugged meets chic sensibility, and we can't wait to browse his wares at this weekend's Urban Tag Sale!

Where are you from originally?

Boston, MA

Where do you live now?

New York City

What’s your decorating style?

Basement of a seaman's cabin.

(Image courtesy of Matt Albiani)

Best tip for visiting flea markets?

Blinders on, swift feet.

Favorite local shop:

John Derian

Favorite restaurant:

Freeman's in NYC.

(Image via New York Pudding)

Favorite decorating trick:

Sometimes the back of a painting is more interesting.

Go-to hostess gift:

My book, Lifeguard on Duty.

3 things you cannot live without:

Coppertone, my iPhone and Montauk.

Current inspirations:

Wicker and Maria Callas.