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Style/Squared Moms - The Young Actresses

By Patrisha Z | May 11 2012

We're having so much fun seeing all of your awesome Style/Squared boards on Pinterest! In honor of Mother's Day, we've been celebrating cool mom style all week on the blog. Today we're looking at a few young New York moms who make juggling their acting careers with family life look très chic!

Michelle Williams

We love seeing all the street style snaps of Michelle cruising around Brooklyn holding hands with her equally chic daughter.

Jessica Alba

Jessica always looks city savvy when she out and about. She really nails the whole effortless-chic vibe.

Keri Russell

We love Keri's laid-back cool style--she always looks happy and put together while strolling around Brooklyn.

Image credit from top: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.