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Through Melanie's Lens

By Patrisha Z | Mar 13 2012

One of the most important relationships we've fostered over the years is with photographer Melanie Acevedo. In addition to shooting several of our catalogs, Melanie captured the stunning moments and interiors you see on the pages of Undecorate. Working with a photographer can be a challenge. It's important to craft an open and collaborative relationship, and that's just what we get with Melanie! She totally gets our aesthetic and stimulates us to see our projects in new and interesting ways—the ultimate creative combo!


We're loving Melanie's new photoblog 52 Weeks! Starring her family—husband Richard, daughter Violet and son Rockwell—Melanie captures all the stunning moments in her life. From finger painting to bath time to cross-country trips, 52 Weeks is a strikingly honest peek into the everyday life of this true creative soul. And a perfect example of the Undecorated life!

Melanie we love seeing the world through your lens!


P.S. Peep this clip straight from the Undecorate archives to see Melanie in action! (That's our Christiane Lemieux chatting in the background!)